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{Error/epsilon#467:Transmission Interrupt Honored–}

Greetings to all residents on board the Transmigration 9.

I am Commodore Honor Harrington, Naval Officer of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, freshly released from stasis.

I first wish to say that having heard of the trials and circumstances of the crew, as well as having talked with many exceptional individuals personally, I will endeavor to protect all onboard this ship to the utmost of my abilities and at all costs.


*There is a pause, a faint rumbling noise, followed by faint moan*


[This is an important question. THE MOST IMPORTANT]

[Private to Stacy]

Am I speaking to the intelligence controlling this craft?
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I've returned. The wizard we rescued was forced by his captor to turn us all into humans, and the transformation won't wear off for a few more hours.

I'm in the Medical wing now. I'm not hurt badly, but I am weary. I have missed you.
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It's Billy. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm awake and active again.

As far as I know, what happened is exactly what Lord Zetta told you. I was reckless in my work during the rebellion. I didn't scan my work areas to be sure I wasn't being observed when I should have, and I was caught and repodded.

I'm here if you need me, but I wouldn't presume to waltz in and take my jobs back. I will carry as much of the hard labor and repair as I can, though. The rest of you are recovering from a battle I should have been there to help with. I'll take the labor off your hands as much as possible, it's all right.

And I'm sorry about any distress this caused. I hope my emergency message was of some use, and I can help anyone program a similar message if you'd like to.
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This is Commander Rtas 'Vadum.

Now is the time for action.

Command, Starfighter Command and Task force personnel ready your weapons and armour as now is the time to prove yourselves in battle. Squad leaders, report in if able, otherwise gather your squads and take the fight to the enemy. Weapons are available from the shelters, precinct, armoury or the Quarter.

Those with vehicles capable I want defending the hanger and City, clear them out. Those with Sniping proficiency and sufficient mobility, aid them.

I need teams to clear the command deck and secure engineering and the command core, do not let them Sabotage this vessel.

We need information on locations, strong points, weak points, location of leadership any infiltrators not otherwise engaged I want on the task.

Let us show them that the military on board this vessel is not to be trifled with, 'Vadum out.
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[OOC: This is backdated to shortly after the fauxbellion and ties into this open post.] Veronica's pretending to side with the Daligig.]

So, hey there. I realize the timing of this is kind of awkward given the situation, buuuut we've gotta take the hand life deals us and make the best of it, right?

So. That said, I'm Veronica - I've come into heading up our Science department. Still sorting some things out, but if people are interested in getting involved, you can find me at the Hidden Valley Bunker, or talk to me over this.

[There's a map with the location marked attached - though for the sake of keeping some stuff under wraps from the Daligig, it points to the bunker entrance that does not have a functional path to the actual underground bunker. Should any Daligig go rooting around the area, the real entrance will be camouflaged with debris.]

[The following message is superseekrit encrypted to just the crew.]

With that out of the way, any other tech-heads out there that can build computer parts, I could use some help with building a reader for a rather specific data-storage device - a fancy poker chip. I need it to be able connect to the Omnicomms.

Also, I could use a few folks that can haul heavy stuff to help me move a few things from the Lucky 38 to the bunker. Elle found some robots lying around in the basement, and I'm thinking that with some reprogramming, they could be pretty helpful around the ship. So if I can get a handful to the bunker to work on once I can get to the data on the chip, we can see about having ourselves a few extra mechanical hands to help out.
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If there is any chance we might work together in the future, I'd like to meet you ahead of time to ascertain how competent you are and exactly how much I should have to pay attention to you.

Location: 221B Baker Street, in the City. [location on map]

Come if convenient. If inconvenient come all the same.

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By now, most if not all of you should have heard that Billy, Engineering Head, has been repodded.

Let me make this clear: this is because he opposed the Daligig. He got exactly what he should've known he was going to get, and all you rebels are aiming to get exactly the same.

You keep this mess up and there's going to be so few of us left that we won't be able to fight no matter how much we want to. Is your precious 'freedom' from the Daligig, who by the way own this freaking ship and are the only ones who have the capability to fight the Ohm, really so important that you'll kick the entire cosmos to the curb to get it?

Give it up. Quit the fight. That's both a suggestion and an order from the Council. You aren't gonna do anyone a damn bit of good if you're in the pods. Think about that the next time you decide to cause some trouble and your Prism Ranger buddy isn't there to back you up.
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Hi everyone,

I'm afraid you're not going to like what I have to say, unless this is a false alarm---but I've coded this to minimize the possibility of that happening. If it has, however, feel free to scold me when you see me next.

Unfortunately, it's probably not a false alarm. If this message is being posted to the network, it means that I haven't touched my omnicom in 24 hours and I haven't deactivated this security protocol due to a mission or other interference. And that means, in all likelihood, that my worst fears have been confirmed and that I've been forced back into stasis.

I won't say anything about the probable cause of it here, but you'll know where to look. I showed some of you the hiding spots for my information. It should all still be there. Engineers, turn to Angie as your leader. Everything's in her hands now, including administration of this network unless she chooses to pass it to someone else.

I'm sorry. I'd miss all of you if I had the consciousness in stasis to do so, and I hope I'll be released to fight alongside you all someday. But if I don't awaken until the end, or if there's another attack on the pods and I never awaken again, I want you to know that it was an honor to know you and fight with you all. Make sure you win, and may you be protected by whatever power gives you strength.

Some specific messages, not locked: )

[[This is a temporary podding. Billy's coming back after Rebellion, he just got caught dropping his cover too fast and got the appropriate punishment. But the paranoid one prepared himself for this.]]
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Hello! My name's Elle, and most of you won't know me because I'm still fairly new on the ship. But I've got a question to ask and a proposal to make.

While exploring the City, I found a building from my home. It's called the Lucky 38, and it's a casino from the New Vegas Strip. It has blackjack tables, roulette, and slot machines, and all of it's functional and all the parts you'd need to play are there -- cards, balls, even chips. Back home, its doors were closed to the public.

But, I've been thinking about opening it up here on the ship and turning it into a working casino. There isn't a currency on board, but that won't be a problem. I'm thinking that there could be tables open where you would bet only chips and play just to play, and then there would also be tables where you would be able to bet trade goods. Maybe we could even hold tournaments where all of the trade goods put into it can be kept for the next podpop, so that we can have a storage of... uh, things to offer the people who come out.

Anybody interested? There'd be no point in setting all this up if no one comes to play. And if you've got any experience with running poker games and might be interested in dealing at the tables, I'd be more than happy to have you on board.

Thank you for your time!
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We are forgetting something.

I do not believe that Stacy is as distant and unwilling to help as she often comes across. It is clear by now that she genuinely cares about us, but she could be a more valuable ally if some of the artificial restraints on her were removed. As a sentient being, she deserves not to have to obey programming that goes against her own will.

In addition, I think we will require full use of her psychic abilities in the future. We need psychics on this ship, and the recent repoddings have diminished their number to a worrying extent. Much of what they have learned through use of their abilities has now been lost to us. This is not an efficient way of doing things, and we need to fix it.

I have a plan in mind that will hopefully solve both of these problems, but I need several other people in order to carry it out. Please meet me in Neuropathy if interested.
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Howdy y'all!

Applejack here. So I've been thinking that y'all could use a pick me up. My family made some mighty delicious cider back home, if I do say so myself. I've passed a bit over to Mindy at the diner, but I want to offer y'all some comfort.

Lemme know if you want a mug. I need to figure out how many apples we can spare for this. Any helping hooves on making it are fine too!
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[Posted before the Fauxbellion begins]

anyone interested in playing capture-the-hub with me? it'd be a worthwhile point of conflict for some of us squishier types. only three rules: nothing lethal, let the medics through, and don't do stupid crap that gets you killed!
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Go read this if you already didn't. It's your mission prep or whatever official thing.

Obviously we are NOT going to kill anyone who's on the crew but we can go to town on the Daligig and Kessek. WE MIGHT GET HURT. Last time I fought the Kessek I got a broken arm and I'm a damn good fighter so just BE AWARE of that.

The other crew's supposed to come in and arrest us all before things get TOO bad though.

Meet me outside Crew Quarters. Get yourself armed up with whatever you want. We're going to do our best to get rid of those bastards and there's an entrance to their restricted area in there.
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Councilor Rhiow here, reporting our progress to the crew at large now that the omnicomms are secured - our thanks to Engineering for getting on top of that.

In light of the recent repoddings, we're welcoming the runners-up in the last election into our ranks. Please congratulate Councilor Lash and Councilor Simon. Archon Yavek has spoken with the remaining council members, warning them against any further collaboration with members of the crew who are particular thorns in their side. For the benefit of the crew, because we must maintain stable leadership, we'll be publicly cooperating with the Daligig. They appear to be accepting the remaining council members' vows to support their leadership - the notable exception being myself, who they still think of as a housepet.

It will be impossible for us to openly support or assist any of the crew members bent on getting rid of the Daligig entirely - but we may be able to use that to our advantage. We've already determined that the Daligig have both numbers and technology on their side. In an open fight, while they have the power to repod who they choose and Stacy still recognizes them as friendlies, we would surely be wiped out like the last crew. But the Daligig want to be off this ship and want to be sure we're all going to be good soldiers. If we "catch" the rebellion in progress and appear to put it down, we are strongly confident they'll hand over full control simply to wash their hands of us. Archon Yavek is also not a popular leader, and any armed conflict could be seen as stemming from his ham-handed way of "managing" us so far. It is our belief that if we handle it this way, we can prevent Punishment to any of our crew members and gain control of the ship.

I would like to caution all of our crew members, especially the new ones, to be careful where you speak. We've learned that Tarrant and Ildraniath came to the Daligig's attention during podpop. It's a sensitive time because so many wild cards are being introduced into our otherwise known environment, often at inconvenient times, and it is important to determine where these people will stand, but please try to keep it to the dead zones.

Councilor Simon will be serving as our point of contact with those of the crew who will be openly combating the Daligig. Needless to say, given what happened to the last councilman found to be in collusion, please try to maintain his cover. We need him here, not in the pods. Also, I personally apologize for being hard to contact. If you need to speak with me in particular, pass word through one of the other councilors or here, through the omnicomm.

[Locked to Allenby]

Allenby Beardsley, if you could contact the Council privately at your earliest convenience we would be very grateful. We need to speak with you about organization.
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I'm Billy, one of the co-heads of the Engineering department. I'm sorry I haven't been very open lately, I've just been overwhelmed. There's a lot going on that we all need to take care of.

Before I get into that, though, I have an announcement. We've successfully loaded the omnicom network with some heavier security. Your user experience shouldn't change too much, but we've secured the signals and you might have to answer some simple prompts to confirm your identity.

With that said, our department's lost a lot of members with the increase in repoddings lately, as everyone has. Who's still here, and what are you working on?

And if you're not with us but have any skill in inventions, mechanics, weapons and armor, or architecture, would you like to join us? Jonas has already talked to you about programming, but I can handle the rest.
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There's a party going down and me and a few others got the deets on the haps. Make sure to bring some booze to that place where we used to fish so we can shake loose till the rats drop.

[[ooc: Meet at a blind spot for intel]
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[OOC: Bendytimed to shortly after Podpop]

Greetings all.

My name is Jonas and I am the head of the Programming sub-division of the Engineering Department on board this ship. I would like to extend an open invitation for anyone who is interested in joining Programming to come and meet with me in Special Weapons at their earliest convenience.

As an overview, our job in this division is to engage in the hacking, cracking, and programming necessary for the non-organic-based technology on this ship, ranging from the omnicom you hold in your hands to the ships and fighters used on missions and in our own defense. During missions, we ourselves work to hack enemy systems and engage in cyber-warfare while protecting Stacy's systems from counter-hacking.

If you are interested but fear that you do not know enough to be of help, do not let that stop you. We can use all the help we can get, and we can teach and train you to use what we have here.

Thank you for your time.
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Currently in the hangar. Need some security or something in here stat!

There was just a flash where the distress broadcast was coming from and the group that got here before me is gone.

(OOC: Should Cole think it was Brenda, Brainy, or have no idea?)
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Does anyone know what this Security group is all about? I might be interested in joining up if they'll have me. And does anyone know who the Kamen Riders are? I'm told that there were a few aboard here.

[Directed to Billy and the Rangers but not locked]

Hey, uh... Billy is it? There's something I need to talk to you about concerning someone who was on the ship before.
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So what happens if I actually do desert this frelling ship? Am I gonna get picked up by tentacles and dragged back by my eema like those other guys did?


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